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Join us on the last Monday of every month to delve into the dark, bloody (and, let's face it, sometimes cheesy) selections from the annals of horror history featuring a wide array of film from all eras and bloody-genres -- slasher, thriller, horror, foreign, sci-fi. If it's got blood, we'll ...
Festival Start Date
January 1, 2018
Festival End Date
December 31, 2018

Join us February 23 & 24 at Apollo Cinema for theĀ K-W Comedy FestivalĀ featuring talented and incredibly funny stand-up comics and entertainers!

Doors open at 8:30pm
Show starts at 9:00pm

Tickets available at

120 mins

Get out your suit jackets and/or ballgowns and come watch the 90th Academy Awards with us! In a 300+ seating theatre, with ample legroom, alcohol, and as many of your friends as you can talk into coming with.

We expect cheering, applauding, and maybe even some booing (depending, obviously). But ...

PG | 180 mins

Curated by Kier-La Janisse

Remember Saturday mornings? Kids today may not realize the significance of the Saturday morning ritual, but once upon a time, we had to wait a whole week to get our cartoon fix, and when we got it, we ...

PG | 140 mins