The Laser Blast Film Society Presents:

1h 30m, 14A
Dir. Lee Tso Nam
Cast: Lin Hsiao-Lao, Yukari Oshima, Shan Chang

"It's hard not to have warmed to the film's exuberant charm and its brazen disregard for any real continuity of style, cheerfully hopping from horror to action to martial arts to fantasy to slapstick to Carry-On smuttiness, at times even stitching them merrily all together in a single lunatic sequence." - Cine Outsider

When a corrupt sorcerer uses his black-magic prowess to capture the souls of an upstanding kung-fu family for some nefarious “martial-art-world domination” plot, said upstanding family's surviving grand-daughter (Japanese high-kicker Yukari Oshima from ANGEL TERMINATORS, STORY OF RIKI-OH!) incites a rescue mission by enlisting the aid of none-other then the villainous sorcerer's cooking staff, who just happen to be stealth kung-fu prodigies; to say nothing of the subplot involving a single Chinese (hopping) vampire dad trying to take care of his darling hopping-vampire daughters, nor the film’s delirious and hysterical dubbing. A classic slice of Taiwanese martial arts madness! (Peter Kuplowsky)