"He's Crude, He's Crass, He's Family."
He also makes a mean breakfast!
Our tables aren't large enough to serve pancakes as big as Buck's, but the one's that Mel's Diner will be serving up at this event are the next best thing!

Uncle Buck (1989)
Dir. John Hughes
Starring: John Candy, Gaby Hoffman, Macauley Culkin, Amy Madigan
When Cindy (Elaine Bromka) and her husband, Bob (Garrett M. Brown), have to leave town for a family emergency, there is only one person available to babysit for their three kids: Bob's lazy, carefree brother, Buck (John Candy). While he immediately gets along with the two younger children (Gaby Hoffman, Macaulay Culkin), Buck must change his bachelor lifestyle if he wants to be a responsible caregiver for the angst-filled teenager, Tia (Jean Louisa Kelly).