Drunken Cinema: CHARLIE'S ANGELS - 20th Anniversary Screening!

Hello Drunken Angels! Drunken Cinema invites you all to participate in an interactive movie game for the very goofy and still fun, CHARLIE’S ANGELS!

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this much loved guilty pleasure and experience the ridiculous wire work, sexist stereotypes, Sam Rockwell and Cameron Diaz’s dance skills and find out all the many problematic things you could get away with in a PG-13 movie only 20 years ago with a great crowd in the best cinema in the city! - SERENA WHITNEY

There will be popcorn, a pre-show, a themed cocktail and prizes to be given away!

Charlie's Angels (2000)
PG, 1h38m
Natalie, Dylan and Alex are three beautiful and uniquely talented tough girls are given the task of finding the kidnapped owner of Knox Enterprises, Eric Knox, by their millionaire boss, Charlie.

*Customized card and prop included with price of admission!

**Groupons will not be accepted for this event