Happy 5th birthday to us!!

We've been a fixture in the incredible downtown Kitchener community for 5 amazing years and it's thanks to you - our favourite moviegoers!

To celebrate this we're showing all of our very fave films (and the ones you came out to the most!) from our inaugural year!

April's offering is the incredible EX MACHINA - originally released April 25th 2015. It features all of our faves: Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac & Domhnall Gleeson. Also, robots.

We'll have one every month so keep your eyes on our ever updating schedule! Or join our weekly newsletter for updates straight to your inbox!

Oh! And we'll be bringing back our killer collab with TWB: Galaxy Quest Black IPA (named by you!)

Don't forget your party hats!

Ex Machina (2015)
PG, 1h48m
Caleb Smith, a young programmer, gets a chance to become a part of a strange scientific experiment where he is expected to assess artificial intelligence by interacting with a female robot.