Always aligned with the seasons, their solstices and equinoxes, Movie + Market is a great way to support awesome local artists and makers before watching an awesome film!

Please remember the film always starts at least an hour after the scheduled time, giving you plenty of chances to find something unique at our market and meet your makers!

Market: 6pm-7pm
Film: 7pm

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
18A, 1h58m
Grafting the style of the contemporary horror film onto an anti-fascist political allegory, Guillermo del Toro's Oscar-winning modern fairy tale is set in Franco's Spain in 1944, where the imaginative young Ofélia (Ivana Baquero) is unwillingly moved with her widowed mother into the command post of her new stepfather, a brutal army captain (Sergi Lopez) who is intent on snuffing out the rebel forces in the hills. Discovering a subterranean world beneath the monastery peopled with fantastic creatures (notably the unforgettable "Pale Man"), Ofélia meets a grotesque faun (Doug Jones) who gives her three dangerous tasks to complete.


Young Huron
Rustic Hand Stamped & Crystal Jewelry
Insta: @young_huron

Young Huron specializes in brass and salvaged crystal pieces because we believe that nature provides us with the most beautiful things. Whether it's handstamped custom necklaces or ready to wear, Young Huron has a pieces that is as special as you are


The Midnight Raven
Unique Handmade Product
Insta: @midnight_raven_studios

Midnight Raven Studios seamlessly blends togethers art, tech, and spirituality to create unique gemstone jewelry that helps you to tap into your sense of mental wellness. This is done through tap pinging into different positive psychology concepts & curating crystals through their archetype system. Additionally, every piece of jewelry is handmade with love and uses all ethically sourced components. These elements combined ensures that what you’re buying is meaningful and helps you on your path of self improvement in order to create a life that is truly yours.


Little Wolf + The Willow


Little Wolf + The Willow is an Indigenous company focused on revitalizing First Nations culture through creating traditional handcrafted Anishinaabeg jewelry with a contemporary twist.


Maggie-May Glassworks
Insta: @maggiemayglassworks

Maggie-May is the visionary and only 2 hands behind Maggie-May Glassworks. She began working with stained glass in 2017 by trial and error. Having never taken a class, she relied on her own persistence to acquire the skills she has. She loves creating pieces that stand out, and have a modern yet whimsical feel. . Her passion and dreams grew into this one- woman ran operation, where she continues to learn and grow while creating one of a kind glass artwork.


Needle and Bone
Handmade Clothing & Housewares
insta @needleandbone

At Needle and Bone we love to upcycle clothes in a variety of ways; you'll find unique things to add to your wardrobe from reworked jeans to handmade slip sets and more. As such, we promise to deliver all of our products with sustainability in mind. Fashion is the second leading cause of waste and carbon emissions, so all of our clothing is either upcycled from previously owned clothing or recycled fabric.


Peach Patch Vintage
Vintage Clothing

insta: @peachpatchvintage

Peach Patch Vintage is a curated instagram based vintage clothing shop that began through the love of thrifting and reducing waste within the clothing industry. Check out @peachpatch vintage for a sneak peak of what will be at the market!


Poly Plastic Dreams

insta @polyplasticdreams

Bold and fun designs are at the centre of Poly Plastic Dreams. Whether you're looking for something to complete your everyday look, or searching for that one piece that let's you celebrate your weird side- we've got you covered. We specialize in handmade polymer clay based earrings, but we're also branching out into pins and collar clips. We'll be bringing some special surreal/horror themed items with us and we can't wait to share it with you.


Honey House Thrift
Pretty things & wellness goodies to elevate your vibe.
insta @honeyhousethrift

I create hand-stamped and crystal jewelry with intention to elevate your vibe. Crystals and gemstones are incorporated into most pieces, due to their delicate and calming nature. I also create sassy and imaginative laser engraved wood pieces from locally sourced, fallen wood.


Dainty Badger Textiles
insta @daintybadgertextiles

Textile and embroidery artist based in Kitchener, making decorative custom and ready made pieces.


Silly KW themed Merch
insta @KWfamous

A heartwarming collection of Waterloo Region themed things meant to make you smile.


FairyFloss KW
Cotton candy



All Natural & Vegan Soap
insta @thompsonsoapco

I create small batch, all natural, vegan soaps. I use only essential oils and natural botanicals to scent and colour my bars :) They have a great lather and always leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized. I also make reusable beeswax food wraps which replace all single use plastics in the home :)


Jurassic Knits
Knitted Plush and Accessories

Jurassic Knits combines my love of knitting with my love of dinosaurs. I create huggable, playable plush toys for dino enthusiasts of all ages--these aren't just for kids! Every item is handmade by me and usually reflects my nerdy interests, which is why I'll have a variety of items available including hats, plush potted cacti, dice bags, and of course, dinosaurs!


Bari Parsche
Custom airbrush t-shirts
Acrylic and Gouache Painting
insta @priesst0666

Bari Parsche is a painter who enjoys working with acrylic, gouache, and airbrush acrylic. He will bring a collection of one of a kind t-shirts, and artwork.