Good music and great films go hand in hand and perhaps no better example of this symbiotic relationship exists than in the now-classic “Hip Hop” movies of the early 1990s. They didn’t win Hollywood awards, most theatres wouldn’t play them and to be honest, they didn't always have a hip hop-centric plot but they were by far the closest cinematic representation to the everyday experiences of an entire generation.

Rap lyrics paint pictures with words, but even more so than a music video these films became the visual mouthpiece for a golden era of Black creativity that's still being felt today. Back then, especially in Canada, the easiest way to watch them was on VHS Mixtape, bootlegged and brought home from places like New York City. For the next few months Aaron T. Francis (Vintage Black Canada) has curated a list of some of the most classic Hip Hop influenced movies of the 1990s. Vintage Black Canada: The Golden Era on the Silver Screen. Only at Apollo Cinema.

New Jack City (1991)
18A, 1h37m
Two cops take it on themselves to bring down a notorious drug lord who has gotten away from the law for much too long.