Sven has a dream.

He wants to walk the Camino de Santiago - the Way of St. James! But this seems almost impossible, because Sven has Usher syndrome, a disease which slowly destroys his hearing and vision. He has been hard of hearing all his life, and since 2010 he has been completely blind. He can communicate with a special hearing aid in spoken language, but this does not distinguish the sounds - they flow unfiltered to him and so it is only helpful if Sven's environment is absolutely silent. Mainly he speaks with tactile gestures using his hands. You take your hands and form words and letters. He is always dependent on the help of his specially trained assistants. Sven has to trust his assistant completely, because although he is their "boss", he can not assess his own situation visually. They are his eyes and his ears. They guide him, describe his surroundings and translate every communication with the outside world for him. As assistant Almuth learns from Svens dream to wander the Way of St. James, she offers to accompany him to him on the 800 kilometre walk. Sven can hardly believe it. Immediately he prepares for the path of his life ... In the middle of April it finally starts. But after a few days in the strange environment Sven begins to behave aggressively. The mood tilts. Filmmaker Susanne Bohlmann accompanies the group for six weeks through Spain and documents the frustrating fight between Sven and his companions. They want to help, but are attacked by Sven and pushed back. The demons of his past and disability break out of him and chaos ensues.